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Course Schedule

Recycling Professional Certification Program Schedule
The PROP Recycling Professional Certification Committee completed a tentative 2014 course schedule and the classes are listed below.  Locations are still being updated for the 2014 schedule and will be listed below as they are verified. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for each class are listed after the class number and name.

Please note that courses are subject to change.

Online Courses
Courses CEUs Days of Week

100 - Introduction to Recycling

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Every day

200 - Backyard Composting Basics

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Every day

310 - Collection Techniques and Options

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Every day

436 - Introduction to Special Materials

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Every day

438 - Special Materials Recycling and Disposal

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Every day
2014 Classroom Course

Course Number & Name




 Recycling 420 - Train the Trainer I
                 Brochure     Agenda     Registration Form
0.5  May 7th  Centre County Recycling
 & Refuse Authority
 Recycling 421 - Train the Trainer II
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0.5  May 8th  Centre County Recycling
 & Refuse Authority
 Recycling 110 - Recycling & the Law
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0.6  June 11th  Harrisburg, PA
 Recycling 115 - Recycling & Public Policy
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0.3  June 12th  Harrisburg, PA
 Conference Classes
 Recycling 601 - Senior Certified Retreat 0.6  July  Pre-Conference 2014
 Recycling 463 - Health & Safety 0.6  July   Pre-Conference 2014
 Recycling 150 - Recycling Economics 0.3  July  Conference 2014
 Recycling 205 - Managing Organics in Your Community 0.5  July  Conference 2014
 Recycling 230 - Organics Collection 0.3  July  Conference 2014
 Recycling 106 - Innovative & Successful Programs 0.3  July  Conference 2014
 Recycling 222 - On-Site / Institutional Composting 0.6  September 3rd  Centre County, PA
 Recycling 351 - Program Evaluation 0.3  September 11th  Harrisburg, PA
 Recycling 540 - Grant Writing 0.3  September 11th  Harrisburg, PA
 Recycling 135 - Waste Auditing 0.6  October 1st  Lancaster, PA
 Recycling 130 - Commercial 0.4  October 2nd  Lancaster, PA
 Recycling 460 - Anti-Littering & Recycling Enforcement 0.6  October 29th  The Barn, Western PA
 Recycling 401 - Recycling Education 0.3  November 6th  Penn State Altoona
 Recycling 415 - Youth Education 0.2  November 6th  Penn State Altoona

Note: Classes may be added or postponed. Dates and locations are also subject to change. Exact locations will be posted as we get them verified.

2014 Certification Requirements
Professional Certification will require:
  • 4.0 CEUs of class work in a maximum of four years
  • Enrollment in our program or in the recycling, waste management, or composting business for at least one year
  • Passing of the Certification Examination

Once certification is attained, 3.0 CEUs will be required every three years following graduation to maintain certification.

Penn State University Continuing Education policies require that participants be present for at least 80% of each class in order to receive credit. It will be up to each individual to read and study supplemental materials as well as the manual on their own time.

Specialization Certificates
PROP also offers specialization certificates in:
  • Collection
  • Composting
  • Education
  • Enforcement
  • Management
  • Processing
  • Recycling Markets