County & Municipal Recycling Coordinator Training

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Responsibilities of CRCs & Helpful Timelines
Amy Mazzella di Bosco & Mindy Waltemyer

A refresher on the responsibilities of County Recycling Coordinators as approved by the DEP Recycling Fund Advisory Committee on 6-7-18. Annual Reporting for Municipal and County Recycling Coordinators can be so overwhelming…. Where do you start?! We will provide municipal and county recycling officials with a no-fail timeline of tasks that if followed, will set everyone up for a successful and easy annual reporting season!

The Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP) is instituting a mentorship program for county recycling coordinators (CRCs) of Pennsylvania. PROP will match new CRCs with experienced ones who are also PROP members. CRC mentors will offer advice and assistance regarding CRC responsibilities such as the DEP annual municipal recycling report, recycling grant processes, special collection events, etc.

Annual Reporting Requirements & Re-Trac CRC User Manual
JoAnne Yurcaba

The similarities and differences between mandated and non-mandated municipalities will be discussed and how that can determine the choices of entry options into Re-TRAC done for each.  I will review the requirements for Act 101 Reporting and discuss how that impacts mandated municipalities in Re-TRAC.  An overview of the Re-TRAC Connect User Manual will be included in the discussion that will encompass Act 101 and Re-TRAC requirements, beneficial analytical reports found in Re-TRAC, and Recycling & Compost Facility Directory reporting.

Intro to DEP Recycling Grants & Pertinent Annual Updates
Mark Vottero & Marc Moran

An overview of Grants, Technical Assistance, and the Act 190 Chapter 2 household hazardous waste reimbursement grant. This discussion will cover application requirements, eligible expenses, grant restrictions and will provide an update on the current online application process.

John Nantz, Doug Orner, & Jennifer Summers

This session will highlight various online resources found helpful to recycling professionals on topics such as: public recycling information; commercial and municipal resources; composting; electronics recycling; educational resources and publications; recycling statutes and regulations; technical assistance and grants; and search engine sites to help determine where and how to recycle various materials. Host sites referenced include the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Recycling; Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful (KPB); Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC); Recycling Markets Center (RMC); Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP) and others.


Act 101 Overview of Requirements for Mandated Municipalities & Mandated Municipalities in Your County
Mark Vottero & Jess Shilladay

This section will include a list of mandated municipalities in each County as of the 2020 decennial census and cover the requirements of Act 101 Section 1501(c) and Act 140 as they relate to mandated municipalities. This section will also cover the requirements of mandated municipalities that are interested in applying for a section 902 Recycling Program Development and Implementation grant.