Pennsylvania DEP awarded MSW Consultants a contract to conduct the current statewide waste and recycling study.

PROP is honored to be working with MSW on the sorts.  The PROP office will be reaching out to find members interested in working on each sort.

Pennsylvania has not done a waste characterization study since the early 2000’s. As you know the waste stream has change a great deal since then, and of course with the COVID-19 virus the waste stream most likely changed even more.

If you are new to the waste and recycling field, or you have never participated in a waste or recycling sort, there is no better education you can receive than participating in a waste and or recycling sort. The knowledge you will gain by participation will enable you to better communicate with the residents of your municipalities as well as leaders in your community. This is an opportunity that may not be available again for years.
You may volunteer for a day or multiple days, or for several hours per day or multiple days if they are available.
If you are able to assist us in being a volunteer for any of the following Waste & Recycling Sorts, see the list below: please contact the PROP office (717-441-6049) or send us an email and let us know which sort, which day/s and who will be the volunteer.
  • Waste Sorts are are held all 5 days in a given week
  • Recycling Sorts are held for just 3 days in a given week


DEP Region {Northwest} - Waste Sort - Butler County

Date:  May 3 - May 7  (Monday - Friday)

Facility:  Seneca Landfill

Address: 421 Hartmann Rd Evans City, PA 16033

DEP Region {Southwest} - Waste Sort - Allegheny County

Date:  May 10 - May 14  (Monday - Friday)

Facility:  Republic Services Imperial Landfill

Address: 11 Boggs Rd Imperial, PA 15126


Please call the PROP office to volunteer. 717-441-6049 or send an email to [email protected]

(Please note: In talking with DEP, county coordinators are welcome to participate in the sort, however, no county coordinator time spent on the sort can be included in 903 grant reimbursement requests - no leave, no overtime, no regular time, etc.)
Of interest to Certified and Senior Certified Recycling Professionals, credit can be earned toward re-certifying your professional status.
0.05 CEUs can be earned for each hour worked on a lab. Working a 7-hour lab day at the waste sort would earn you 0.35 CEUs toward CRP and SCRP re-certification (the day is really 8 hours, but breaks and lunch don’t count.)


Certified Recycling Professional's - 3.0 CEU / 30 Hours of Training is needed every three years to maintain your certification.

Senior Certified Recycling Professional's - 1.5 CEU / 15 Hours of Training is needed every three years to maintain your certification.

Please read the following documentation which provides details of the sorts:
PROP WCS Sorting Protocols/Volunteer Guide.This document provides background on the project, on waste comp studies in general, the project schedule, sorting protocols, and provides a pretty thorough description on how it will work and what is needed from PROP volunteers.
The WCS Health and Safety Plan.This will need to be reviewed by volunteers. 
Please feel free to call the PROP office with questions. 717-441-6049.
Please email [email protected] with the dates and times you are available to participate. Please put Waste Study participation in the subject line.

  • “A GREAT learning experience and certainly a team-building exercise for our employees and other partners.  Every recycling professional should spend some time around a sort table.  You’ll be surprised: both good and bad.  But, you’ll come away better educated and more prepared to do your job.”  ~~Joanne

  • Having the opportunity to see firsthand what goes into completing such a study was very humbling. I felt it important to let you know that for as unpleasant as the task at hand was, the waste audit was an awesome experience. What stood out to me was the professionalism and motivation to retrieve accurate data in a positive manner by the MSW Consultants staff. The level of enthusiasm and compassion showed was remarkable to me. In the field, specifically a landfill, with individuals that are not familiar with the subject material of waste/recycling the job could become rather impossible. MSW Consultant Staff was able to find common interests, knew everyone on a first name basis, and empowered the group to perform at their highest level. It was truly remarkable how they motivated the group to be passionate about the job at hand, coordinating samples and handling the logistics at the site. ~~Holly
  • The work was hot, gross, smelly, and I was exhausted by the end of the day, but I would also do it again. It is possible to participate in another sort? I want to be part of a recycling sort.  ~~Natalie