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The Certified Recycling Professional program is a nationally recognized series of courses (40 hours) administered by the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP). A Certificate of Completion is issued by the Pennsylvania State University for each course. Pennsylvania’s Certified Recycling Professional program is accredited by the National Standards Certification Board (NSCB).

Upon completing the required 40 hours of coursework and passing the exam, a certificate designating the holder as a Certified Recycling Professional will be issued to the candidate from PROP and NSCB. Certification can be maintained by completing 30 hours of approved coursework every three years.

The Pennsylvania Certification program has been designed to meet the standards of the National Standards Certification Board. Learning objectives promote the establishment of high professional standards for recycling, sustainable resource management, organics, and solid waste managers in both the public and private sectors as well as providing a career track for new professionals entering the field.

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Questions? Please call the PROP office (717-441-6049) or email Marcy Robey and we will be happy to assist in your personal journey to achieving the Certified Recycling Professional status. We look forward to working with you!