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Carbon Footprint Calculator

EPA created the Waste Reduction Model (WARM) to help solid waste planners and organizations track and voluntarily report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions from several different waste management practices. WARM tools are available on the EPA WARM webpage which has different versions of the tools.

DEP Fact Sheets and Resources: (Downloadable PDFs)

These publications and others are available online at: (select Publications and then Waste Management).


PA Department of Environmental Protection's County Recycling Coordinator List.

PA Department of Environmental Protection's Regional Coordinator's List.

Related Recycling and Solid Waste Associations

      • PWIA - The Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association represents private-sector waste haulers, recyclers, and landfill operators.
      • SWANA - The Solid Waste Association of North America has been the leading professional association in the solid waste field, it serves over 8,000 members throughout North America, and thousands more with conferences, certifications, publications, and technical training courses.
      • PSATS - The Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors is committed to preserving and strengthening township government by lobbying state and federal lawmakers and educating and informing its members through workshops, an annual conference, trade show, and award-winning publications.
      • PSAB - The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs is a statewide, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to serving 957 borough governments. Since 1911, PSAB has represented the interests of boroughs and helped to shape the laws that laid their foundation. The Association improves and assists local governments through legislative advocacy, research, education, and other services.

Related Federal and State Agencies

Voyage of the Mobro 4000 -The 1987 voyage of a barge loaded with New York garbage became a sensational fiasco, but it ended up fueling the modern recycling movement.

Love Canal - Thirty-five years after Love Canal became a symbol of the dangers of toxic waste in residential neighborhoods, the legal and medical issues there are still playing out.  Another Link about Love Canal

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