Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful collects roughly 1,500,000 pounds of electronics every year during their cleanup of illegal dumps. What can we do to give Pennsylvania residents a convenient, cost effective, and environmentally sound alternative to dispose of old electronics?

An occasional collection event is not predictable, and serves only local residents. An occasional event does not support business development by electronic recyclers who can process the resalable components. Obviously, over the bank and into the fields and streams is not a good option for anyone.


Take Action

Electronic waste is not going away. SB800 repeals what is known as the Covered Device Recycling Act and provides a new structure for collection of our growing e-waste. SB 800 is currently in the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.

This link will take you to a prepared message which you can send in a letter format, but a customized message in your own words will hold greater influence. Feel free to edit the message with the specific challenges faced in your neighborhood. Enter your residential contact information in the window provided. This will allow your message to go directly to your State Senator and State Representative. While there is a template provided, personalizing the message with the situation in your neighborhood or region is encouraged.

SB 800 establishes a recovery and management program that includes recycling for certain waste electronic equipment and requires the Commonwealth to establish a comprehensive, convenient and environmentally sound program for the collection, refurbishment, recycling and final disposition of waste electronic equipment that has reached the end of its useful life.

Please contact members of both the House and Senate in support of SB 800. As we saw in the hearing on SB 800, there are many influential views in play. The legislators can only know our side if we tell it.