Members Spotlight

The Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania values every one of our members and the experiences they bring with them to our organization. We all do awesome work throughout the year and much of it goes unnoticed by a lot of people. Sometimes we feel we are doing a thankless job and may feel underappreciated, you are not!

Although we meet each other at PROP and other events throughout the year it’s rare if we actually have a chance to learn about each other, our experiences, and the awesome work we do on a daily basis.

The PROP Membership Committee has started spotlighting our members on a bi-monthly basis. Every two months we will spotlight 2 of PROP’s members on this webpage as well as our News Views and Opportunities newsletter.

March / April Spotlighted Members

Name: Natalie Reese, Certified Recycling Professional (CRP)

Title: Program Director

Organization: Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling

I became a PROP member in 2011 and became a certified recycling professional in 2013. I also earned a specialization in recycling education, as educator is my primary role at Westmoreland Cleanways. Truthfully, I joined PROP because it was a requirement of my job. But I quickly realized that the certification classes and the contacts I made through the organization not only helped me understand my job, but also helped me be better at my job.

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Name: Michael S. Skapura, Certified Recycling Professional (CRP)

Title: Executive Director / Recycling Coordinator

Organization: Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling

I joined PROP in 2021 after I became the Executive Director of Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling - succeeding Ellen Keefe in this role. I joined in hopes of gaining the knowledge I would need to be successful as the leader of a recycling center. Prior to this role, I was in plastics manufacturing for 26 years and needed to change my mindset from manufacturing to recycling.

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