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Senior Certified Recycling Professional

The Senior Certified Recycling Professional (SCRP) designation is intended to recognize recycling professionals who have attained a special status among their peers. The SCRP designation will be awarded to individuals who have met certain levels of performance based on experience, education, and research work.

Once a person has obtained the designation of SCRP they will be required to obtain 1.5 CEU (15 hours) of coursework every three years to maintain their active status in the certification program.

SCRP candidates must meet all of the following criteria:
• Be a current Certified Recycling Professional for a minimum of one year
• Have a minimum of four years’ work experience in recycling or a recycling-related field
• Hold at least one PROP Specialization Certificate
• Submit a research paper, report, publication, or other written work that exhibits research or survey work beyond minimal job requirements
• Provide documentation for a total of ten (10) points from work experience and/or education in recycling or a recycling-related field

Points are determined as follows:
• 1 point – for each year of recycling work experience since 1988 (using the same criteria as work experience above)
• 1 point – Associate Degree
• 2 points – Bachelor Degree
• 3 points – Master’s Degree
• 4 points – PhD

Questions? Please call the PROP office (717-441-6049) or email Marcy Robey and we will be happy to assist in your personal journey to achieving the Certified Recycling Professional status. We look forward to working with you!