The Value of Professional Certification 
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The Value of Professional Certification

Pennsylvania’s recycling marketplace contributes significantly to the state economy. The industry is a considerable economic generator, which means that businesses supporting this marketplace benefit from hiring well-trained and educated professionals.

Commitment to ongoing education can be an important factor as employers look to hire or promote. Earning certificates in your field can lead to better visibility, opportunities, and jobs. The Certified Recycling Professional program ensures individual competence by taking candidates through a broad curriculum of skills and knowledge. The certification exam goes beyond training by providing a measurement of knowledge and skills.

Benefits for Employees
The status of CRP is a declaration to your employer, the industry, and the public that you are recognized as a trained and educated professional.
• Earn credibility
• Demonstrate commitment to your profession
• Build confidence in your knowledge of the industry

Benefits for Employers
Certification represents a high level of achievement, demonstrates proficiency, and has a broad base of knowledge. Certified Recycling Professionals study a broad curriculum, pass a rigorous exam, and commit to ongoing professional development and recertification. When a person becomes certified, it reflects the personal commitment and a sense of accountability, inspiring credibility and confidence in an individual’s professional knowledge.

Hiring a Certified Recycling Professional or investing in certification for your current employees can help you:
• Increase the competency level of your staff
• Build a strong, dedicated team that is committed to high standards of care and quality
• Increase efficiency and reduce cost

As businesses and government compete to hire and retain qualified team members, your employees will know the organization cares about them and is interested in their futures, inspiring greater loyalty. Employees who participate in ongoing education and training are more satisfied with their jobs, making them more productive and reducing absenteeism.

The Certified Recycling Professional program is a nationally recognized series of courses (40 hours) administered by the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP). A Certificate of Completion is issued by the Pennsylvania State University for each course. Pennsylvania’s Certified Recycling Professional program is accredited by the National Standards Certification Board (NSCB).

Upon completing the required 40 hours of course work and passing the exam, a certificate designating the holder as a Certified Recycling Professional will be issued to the candidate from PROP and NSCB. Certification can be maintained by completing 30 hours of approved course work every three years. It is the responsibility of the candidate to maintain their certification.

Recycling Certification earned in New Jersey, New Mexico, Illinois, or California can be reciprocally recognized in Pennsylvania by PROP. Applicants need to submit a copy of the corresponding state’s certificate and complete the following two PROP certification classes.
• Recycling 150 – Recycling Economics
• Recycling 110 – Recycling & the Law

Questions? Please call the PROP office (717-441-6049) or email Marcy Robey and we will be happy to assist in your personal journey to achieving the Certified Recycling Professional status. We look forward to working with you!